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Think about the most comfortable bed you ever slept in. Remember how the sheets felt against your skin... soft, luxurious and inviting. It's easy to surround yourself in comfort when you know what you're looking for.

"Sheets are a textile - designed, fabricated and finished much like any garment. Ask yourself how long you expect to have the sheeting. As with any garment, you get what you pay for. Think about the amount of hours you spend in bed. If you're lucky, you are getting at least 6 - 8 hours of sleep a night. Almost the exact amount of time you spend at work. Shouldn't your bedding purchase make you feel as good as that blouse or skirt?" 

Get sheet smart

Thread count: the higher the thread count, the denser the weave of the material.
This is important because density equals strength. However, buying the highest thread
count doesn't necessarily mean you have purchased the best sheet, why? - because.....

Material matters!

Cotton is one way to go. However, there are different levels/blends:

100% Egyptian cotton is the most expensive but will last the longest and is the most luxe.

100% Pima cotton is still really soft, but made of shorter fibers than Egyptian cotton.

Cotton/polyester blend is a combination of natural & synthetic fibers
       makes this fabric exceptionally easy to care for, breathable and durable yet still soft and smooth.

Not done yet! Now pick your weave.....

What's in a weave?

The big factor for the finish & feel of a sheet, each weave provides different benefits.

Percale is lightweight & closely woven, percale bed sheets have a smooth finish and a crisp snap to them.

Sateen a fabric with more yarn surface on the face than other basic bed linen weaves, resulting
      in an exceptionally soft sheet with a smooth, lustrous finish that most mimics silk or satin.

~~Most people prefer Sateen Weave Sheets by a factor of 80%~~

Flannel is brushed cotton that is measured by ounces of fabric per square yard instead of
      thread count. recommended for colder climates and cozy sleeping.

Twill is a weave in which welt yarns are worked around warp yarns twice to
      create the effect of diagonal lines or rib. Very durable but not as soft and comfy.

The right fit

See the chart below and match your sheet size to your mattress size for the perfect fit.

Sheets/mattress size

Twin Sheets  38 x 75"
Twin XL Sheets  38 x 80"
Full (Double) Sheets  53 x 75"
Queen Sheets  60 x 80"
King Sheets  78 x 80"
California King Sheets   72 x 84"

Last but not least...

We also carry Extra Deep Sheets which fit mattresses greater than 18" deep.

Helpful hint: be sure to include your topper, pad or protector when measuring for sheets!!





Before you rest your head, find the type of pillow that best supports your sleep style.


sleep type


  • allows your head to sink in
  • helps align head & neck with your spine


  • gives your head a slight cushion
  • supports your head above the mattress


  • the most supportive
  • helps align ear & shoulder with your spine


neck & shoulder support


  • features a top and bottom layer that connect by one seam for a softer touch.


  • features a top and bottom layer that connect by side walls for added support.


  • perfect for all sleepers.
  • provides maximum comfort while supporting your head, neck & shoulders.


fill type


  • luxurious & soft
  • conforms to your head & neck



  • similar to down, but more firm
  • hypoallergenic-perfect for allergy sufferers



  • firm & dense
  • conforms to your body




Memory Foam pillows conform to your head shape with soothing comfort and
help facilitate airflow to keep you cool.

memory foam


  • perfect for back sleepers with lasting support.
  • supports your head & neck for the best spinal alignment.


  • perfect for stomach sleepers.
  • two-sided fill that provides two different sleeping surfaces for customization.
  • provides maximum comfort while supporting your head, neck & shoulders.


  • perfect for side sleepers.
  • shapes & contours to your body.
  • provides raised support.


  • perfect for all sleepers.
  • provides maximum comfort while supporting your head, neck & shoulders.

decorative pillows


Accentuate the look of your bed with decorative pillows & throw pillows. Whether you're going for
subtle hint of color or a dramatic look, these must-have accessories compliment your bedding decor.

Helpful hint:

it's time to replace your pillow when you fold it in half, squeeze all the air out,
and it doesn't spring back to shape.



There's more to making your bed than just changing the sheets and pulling up the blanket. A well made bed makes a style statement and whether you choose a luxury hotel look or something more casual, KikiModo has everything you need to pull it all together.

Here are 6 easy steps to follow for the making the most
comfortable, stylish bed ever:

1.  Pad your mattress

Protect your mattress and add a layer of comfort with a cotton or polyester cover.

2.  Select your sheets

Stretch the fitted sheet across the mattress & pull the elastic hems under the
mattresses edges. Be sure to select the right size for your mattress size to
ensure a non-slip fit.

3.  Lay the flat sheet

The top edge should meet the end of the mattress and easily tuck in 
at the sides and bottom for a formal look.

4.  Choose the right pillow

For the best rest, select a pillow that is designed for your sleep style:
back, side or stomach and support with the firmness you want: soft,
firm or extra firm.

5.  Add the top layer

The comforter, duvet or quilt you select will reflect your style and should
complement the color scheme in your room. You can easily switch it out for 
different look in minutes or add warmth in an instant. A bed in a bag comes
packaged together. It's a quick fix and easy update for the look of your bed.

6.  Accessorize

Add coordinating shams, decorative pillows & throws to complete the look.

A helpful hint:

Once a month, be sure to flip your mattress & vacuum it to reduce wear and eliminate dust mites.

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